Cosmetic Therapy

Atypical therapy

While traditional therapy investigates the mind, I chose a physical approach that refocuses the attention on the essence of the person.

Fun little info on the origins of the word “cosmetic”
The root of the word is borrowed from the Ancient Greek kósmos (“order, orderly arrangement, adornment”), hence the evolution of the word to:

  • kosmêtikós (“decorative, ordered”) > passive adjective
  • kosmêtês (“decorator, arranger”) > active adjective

In Latin, the term is only active:

  • « cosmetes » (“slave in charge of ornaments, makeup”)

Today, in common French, the word has lost some of its original meaning to mean “something inefficient“.

With Cosmetic Therapy, I intend to return to the original meaning:

I certainly take care of the surface because I harmonize the appearance; and yet, my approach is far from superficial. I must first discover the person’s history to uncover the appearance that reflects his/her innerself.

If kósmos is “the order of the universe“, I consider my work done when the inside and the outside of the person match, communicate and echo each other. In that way the essence of the person shines and we came full circle!

A therapy without the Mind intruding

The mind is a very useful machine as long as the database is not based on fears and doubts. To avoid or circumvent this mechanism, and ultimately, to help reprogram the mind, Cosmetic Therapy makes friends with it. My technique begins with the “exterior” to reach the inside. It’s my way of reconnecting the soul to its vehicle.

To achieve this, I implemented 3 approaches:

  1. First, the outermost layer of our Appearance: clothing, shoes, jewelry, and underwear. Since “everything I wear says something about me“, we will find together what suits you (hairstyle, clothes, accessories…).

  2. Then there is the Body and its Structure. I use my Pilates Balanced Body training from A-Lyne in Paris to align the body in its bone and muscle structure, in a holistic way. By reconnecting with his/her body, my approach allows the person to be more in touch with his/her heart.

  3. Finally, I care for our envelope: the Skin. I was trained on the composition of natural products. For several years now, I create, compose and personalize my recipes of Natural Cosmetics according to the needs of my clients.


Let’s Discover together:

  • Outfits
  • Colors
  • Styling
  • Shapes that are made for you!

So you can be YOU wherever you go! 

Posture through Pilates

Let’s find Harmony for your Body:

  • Flexibility
  • Relaxation
  • Control

Become Master of your fate!


Because Gentleness is a
core component of

Let’s take care of your Skin with
Custom-Made Cosmetics
that I create out of
Natural Ingredients.

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