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The word “cosmetic” has traveled in Time and Space! Starting with a laudable image until reaching a relegated, laughable position nowadays… What a paradox! Rather than sticking to its meaning in common French, “something ineffective”, I prefer to get closer to the Greek-Roman root (see etymological detail on the introductory page).

If I can’t order the world like the ancient Greeks or be in charge of the master’s ornaments as in Roman Antiquity, I will present you with a fair balance below that I hope will reconcile the two: cosmetics that are truly effective and that take care of you to let your inner beauty shine, (among other things!) 😉


Daily ritual:

Skin isn’t just here to undergo our every moods, pollution and protect us from other environmental attacks! Au contraire! Skin is our greatest support agent. It may be time to return the favor! Taking care of one’s self is an activity that can even become an enjoyable daily habit. See for yourself:





Step 1: CLEANSE:

  • Facial cleanser for smooth skin that visibly reduces the pores of skin and reduces the appearance of blackheads while unifying the complexion (anti-allergenic, anti-asthmatic, immune-stimulant).
  • Fresh toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums, mineralizing and whitening. For a fresh breath and no deposits on the surface of teeth on waking in the morning!

Step 2: REPAIR:

  • Unifying, anti-aging and anti-dark spots face serums.
    • Day serum: Antioxidant and Vitamin complex.
    • Night serum: skin tensor and lifting.
  • 3-in-1 anti-fatigue eye serum: anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles and anti-crow’s feet! Applicable close to the eye without stinging!
  • Lip serum: Plumping and smoothing the fine lines around the lips. Indeed, there are in nature actives that act on the micro-contractions of facial muscles. A little like “botox” but much less invasive and without side effects because the effect is not permanent.


  • Face cream that meets the needs of your skin whether it is dry, oily, dehydrated, dull, prone to redness, wrinkly, inflammatory, acneic, etc. But also your sensory needs for a texture and scents that can participate in your emotional comfort. My creams are particularly suitable for sensitive and atopical skin because my formulas soothe.
    • Face cream for flawless skin, thirst-quenching that prepares and activates the tan thanks to a seaweed.
    • Purifying face cream to get rid of acne and blackheads.
    • Day cream for mature, blemished skin: anti-UV and “healthy glow” effect.
    • Regenerating night cream for mature skin with Damask Rose essential oil and Jasmine Sambac.
    • Ultra-moisturizing facial fluid for those who prefer very light anti-UV and mild anti-aging creams.
  • Rich cream for dry skin, etc. And many more

Step 4: POLISH:

  • Zero-defect foundation that has a matifying and treating effect – as it prevents pimples from growing full size and the resulting scars. Totally natural; does not clog pores; based on non-greasy oil and minerals. (I create the shades myself to suit your complexion).
  • I also make makeup powders that can match your complexion, etc.

Weekly or Bi-Monthly Face Care:


  • Gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin


  • Mask to rebalance skin
  • Mask to mineralize and hydrate

Step 3: RELAX:

  • Decongestant eye patches, fresh, gelatinous for a refreshed look!


  • Hair-spray serum: smoothing, thermo-protective, with a 100% natural fragrance based on white flowers to remind you of Summer Sun. This spray will restore its strength, soften rough and damaged hair and protect it from dehydration and aggression from hair straighteners and hair dryers. It will also revive colored-hair! And last but not least, it will help limit hair loss!
  • Hair conditioner for dry tips, smoothing effect for straighter or more defined locks.
  • Anti-hair loss shampoo bar that stimulates the scalp to slow down hair loss while boosting its growth. (With Ginseng, essential oils and other valuable ingredients.)
  • Anti-dandruff shampoo bar for purified, rebalanced and shiny hair.
  • COMING SOON: volumizing shampoo.
  • Conditioner to soften our men’s beard.


  • Ultra-nourishing hand cream, no oily feel. Ideal for Winter Blues thanks to the blend of essential oils that I put together to revisit the sweet smell of yesteryear. (There are variations, including one that reduces dark-spots on the hands).
  • Nail and cuticle fluid: anti-breakage, nourishing and growth-booster.


  • Hydrating body lotion, ultra-nourishing for long.
  • Self-tanning body cream that boosts natural tan and leaves a shimmer veil on skin (also applicable on face).
  • Repairing after-sun gel that prolongs tan (with aloe-vera, tomato seed oil, and more).
  • Body scrub, anti-cellulite and “freeze” effect.


  • Bust & cleavage serum to pulpify and maintain your charms!
  • Sculpting cream for firmer and puffed-up breasts.
  • Anti-hair growth deodorant: a floral bouquet that delays the regrowth of hair for up to three weeks.
  • Post-depilatory leg fluid: soothing, moisturizing and antiseptic fluid that relieves heavy, irritated legs and prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs,.
  • Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant fluid (specially formulated to suit pregnant women after 4 months).
  • Zen, inhaler stick: purify bronchi with essential oils.

NOTE: Almost all my products contain Aloe Vera and hyaluronic acid. The amount of the latter varies according to the needs of the skin in question (I use the maximum amount for mature and ultra-sensitive skin because of its intense moisturizing action)., Because of all the nutrients Aloe Vera contains, and its soothing, restorative, thirst-quenching, astringent properties, for me it is an indispensable ingredient!


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