Have you ever wondered…

“How do French women know how to dress?”

You’d love to feel the same? I’ve learned the hard way that all you need to do –aside from understanding a few key things– is that you only need to look right inside the person in the mirror! 😉

You are beautiful and I will help you reveal it to the world with a few tips! 🙂 

Even if obviously composing a “beautiful” style is part of the desired effect + my French touch… Together we will find the look that creates and/or prolongs your natural harmony: we will seek your inner beauty.

A new way to dress…

In my opinion, a piece of clothing must adapt to oneself. It will be well chosen, if it seems to be an extension of the person. Wearing it must feel and look natural – even though I am known to ferret out items that can look unusual at first impression! 😉 The mirror will reflect an image you like; an image you can be proud of.

That is why I do not necessarily base my choices from the latest fashionable trends. My focus is you: what composes you and what framed your basic style.

…for better communication

We ARE what we WEAR.

Let’s make this phrase work for our advantage by not creating distractions for our discussion partner’s eye who will feel the disharmony if you are not comfortable.As a reminder, discomfort is communicative and throws off all attempts to good communication. Self-confidence, it is also communicative and inspires confidence!  

Of course, to every body shape its advice. We will highlight the benefits of your morphology while alleviating what you may be hang-up about!

oua makeover

Why Find your own Style?

Finding your style allows for:

  1. Having control over what you wear:
    Chance no longer decides whether you will feel disguised or comfortable.
  2. Gaining self-confidence:
    When you consciously choose what you are going to wear, you are setting yourself back in the center of your life.
    From THEM to I.
  3. Communicating better:
    By wearing outfits that are extensions of Self (your history, personality, mood, desires, etc.), a certain authenticity emanates from you, a self-assurance that radiates. The people around you will be touched by it.
    From MASKS to REAL exchanges.

My role:

To help you discover what suits you in terms of:

  • Styles
  • Colors
  • Shapes and patterns

How ?

I start from:

  • your History
  • your Desires
  • your Needs
  • your Goals

The Steps :

  1. An assessment will allow us to determine your style by answering a few questions + Colorimetric test.
  2. Your wardrobe will provide us with a base for exploring what suits you and understand the fashion faux-pas + We will see how to arrange clothes.
  3. Action: We will go together in a store to complete the outfit and so that you experience in person the new way for you to dress up!

As a Result:

You are no longer afraid of the mirror!

You will have at least one complete outfit on which you can build upon and evolve!

A “cluster” goes from shoes to underwear through accessories – a set of 1 to 24 pieces or items.

– Nancy @ OUAStylist at your service –

For further detail

Make colors your allies!

Find the cut and the hairstyles that underline best your facial features!

Know: Where to apply makeup, What part to wax/pluck, What shape for your eyewear and for the beard!

Let's go !

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