Good posture to inspire Trust

Pilates is my body transformational tool. A well-aligned body helps counter-balance the bad sedentary habits that bend the body.

The hours spent daily in front of a computer screen or head-leaning at the smart-phones change the stature. The body starts to compensate for imbalances; disharmony gradually sets in.

There are 2 major problems that accompany this modern phenomenon:

  • Daily discomfort with back, cervical and upper body problems (not to mention the shortening of the lower limbs which are stiffened and lose flexibility);
  • Loss of self-confidence due to poor posture; and as a result, the loss of trust that could be instilled in the people with whom one communicates/interacts.

I put my Californian Balanced Body training in Pilates at the service of coping this wide-spread affliction/the bane of modern life.

We will reestablish balance in the “force” (strengths ;), restore harmony so that your body is consistent with your plans and wishes! A beautiful body for a beautiful soul!

Nancy @ OUAStylist