Good posture to inspire Trust

Pilates is my body transformational tool. A well-aligned body helps counter-balance the bad sedentary habits that bend the body. The hours spent daily in front of a computer screen or head-leaning at the smart-phones change the stature. The body starts to compensate for imbalances; disharmony gradually sets in. There are 2 major problems that accompany this modern phenomenon:
  • Daily discomfort with back, cervical and upper body problems (not to mention the shortening of the lower limbs which are stiffened and lose flexibility);
  • Loss of self-confidence due to poor posture; and as a result, the loss of trust that could be instilled in the people with whom one communicates/interacts.
I put my Californian Balanced Body training in Pilates at the service of coping this wide-spread affliction/the bane of modern life. We will reestablish balance in the “force” (strengths ;), restore harmony so that your body is consistent with your plans and wishes! A beautiful body for a beautiful soul! Nancy @ OUAStylist


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2 thoughts on “Posture

  1. I am a first-timer to pilates and wasn’t sure what to expect. What I discovered was a surprisingly simple process of controlled precise movements to achieve a desired outcome. That is to say simple, but not easy movement that has already provided increased flexibility throughout my body. Nancy doesn’t miss anything and gives great feedback and encouragement throughout the workout.
    It is surprising to me that I had a real workout from such simple movements. Nancy’s skills in all of this is key. We primarily use just a mat and a roller for now.
    Pilates with Nancy is a great way to do something really good for yourself.

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