To accompany you in your quest for well-being I create natural products to suit your needs.

To accompany you in your quest for well-being, I create natural products to suit your needs.

Unlike most store-bought cosmetics, which are synthetic and can contain harmful chemicals, I make my cosmetics from ingredients derived entirely from natural sources (such as essential and vegetable oils, as well as fruit and plant extracts), the majority of which are organic.

Sometimes new clients ask me, “why don’t you use preservatives to make your product last longer?” The answer is simple: Preservatives are often made from harsh chemicals or cell-damaging ingredients that, over time, can have an adverse affect on the skin and health (some can even alter your DNA and cause cancer). I avoid preservatives and all petrol-based ingredients (mineral oils, silicones and plastic) because my cosmetics are designed to work with your body, not against it!

While this policy does shorten the shelf-life of the product, you will find that the overall effect of natural ingredients is well worth it! Furthermore, since the human body is able to absorb raw, whole nutrients better than condensed, powdered forms, the preparation of my cosmetics is focused on keeping the ingredients (nearly 200) in their naturally occurring state to ensure you get the most benefit!

Here are some examples:


  • A refreshing face cream that hydrates your skin, while natural scents promote calm and serenity. Note – my creams are particularly well-suited for sensitive skins!
  • An anti-aging and unifying face serum.IMG_0778
  • A 3-in-1 eye serum: anti-fatigue, concealer and anti-crow’s feet! Does not sting the eyes!
  • Fresh, decongestant and gelatinous eye patches for an awakened and refreshed look!
  • A lip serum for plumping and smoothing fine lines of expressions around the lips. Indeed, there are ingredients in nature that act on the cutaneous micro-contractions. A bit like “botox” but less invasive because not permanent and without side effects.
  • A bust smoothing serum to plump and preserve the pretty skin of your bust!
  • An anti-regrowth deodorant: a floral bouquet which reduces the hair growth for about 3 weeks.
  • A face cleaner that visibly reduces pores and reduces the appearance of black heads while unifying the complexion.
  • A no-rinse, smoothing and heat-protect hair serum with a scent 100% naturally made from white flowers to remember the summer sun. This spray will shine, soften your hair and protect it from dehydration and damage from hair straighteners and hair dryers. It will restore strength, shine and soften the rough and damaged hair. And, it will help reduce hair loss!
  • And many others! For example, I also do makeup powder that perfectly matches your skin tone; sheathing mascaras for fuller lashes without heavy metals, etc.