Make Over

Groom your Image for Good Communication

My role: detect a style that suits you to facilitate your everyday communication by adapting your clothes to your needs, situations, objectives, and your environment.

The goal here won’t be to find a “beautiful” style that fits the current standards of fashion (even if obviously that will take part in the criterion for the final choice). My preferred interest is you: together we will find what creates or prolongs your natural harmony – and that all comes down to seeking your inner beauty.

In my opinion, the garment must adapt to the person. When it is well chosen, it appears to be an extension of the person. To wear it must look natural; even if, my specialty is to find what will at first impression surprise you! But the judge – the mirror – will have the last say when it reflects an image you like, an image you can be proud of.

That is why I will leave the fashion standards aside for starters and set all my focus on you: what makes you up(/comprises you?) and how your basic style was built.

Finally, since one is what one wears, one better use it to one’s advantage by not creating distractions for the interlocutor’s eye who will feel the disharmony if you are not comfortable. Note, discomfort is communicative and defeats communication. Self-confidence is also contagious and inspires trust!

Of course, there is advice for every body type. We will highlight the assets of morphology while mitigating the complexes!

Nancy @ OUAStylist