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Pilates in English

July 15, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm UTC

$10 per class or pay for the month to avoid Eventbrite fees $40 (save about $10) -Message me-

During this #StayAtHome times, I've decided to start teaching my group Pilates classes online as well! We need movement and uplifting energy to shake the confinement off!

As the first ONLINE class went so well with people joining from Seattle, Las Vegas, to Paris, France and of course from my local community here in Raleigh, NC, the classes become weekly! :)

Register to receive the link to your next class!

All you'll need:

  • a screen and an internet connection
  • a mat and a comfortable, close fitted outfit (so I can see your movements)
  • and get ready 10 min prior to class to check any technical adjustments!
  • Voilà!

A question? Don't hesitate to contact me directly!

+1(984)328-3523 or nancy@ouastylist.com


  • Wednesday: general group in English
  • for classes in French, visit: https://holistic-pilates-group-class-for-men-women-french.eventbrite.com


Need more energy?

Nancy puts you first with her body transformational tool. For 1h of self-care, Pilates will move your body in a controlled environment so you can be present again, strong and ready! Oui oui! 🇫🇷


Nancy Renaud will teach this Pilates class in a fun, judgment free environment where you can transform at your own pace. Over time, you will learn to sit, stand and walk in a comfortable way that will ease your every day life!

You will:

  • rehabilitate a wider range of movement;
  • reclaim comfort in your body;
  • restore strength in your muscle and bone structure;
  • boost your immune system;
  • ignite your self-confidence!

After completing one of her classes, you will feel:

  1. lighter;
  2. stronger;
  3. more relaxed;
  4. grounded;
  5. more self-love!

She'll also bring a smile to your day! :)


Here is a brief overview of Pilates:

Joseph Pilates created a practice he had named "Contrology" when he was held as a prisoner on the Isle of Mann during the first World War. The men he had helped reeducate after injury were the only ones surviving the horrible influenza pandemic. Not only were they feeling better, they had become stronger!

Now, thanks to his wife, a ballet dancer, we have less rigid movements. Pilates today has all the benefits of both Joseph's discipline and his wife's grace.

Let's get your body moving and get you a healthy and strong immune system for the cold season!


Nancy Renaud offers Pilates lessons as part of her Inner-Beauty Styling.

Nancy is a French woman who transformed the various traumas she suffered through into a healing, fun program so that you don't have to go through it alone!

Trained and certified from the Paris school A-Lyne as part of Balanced Body University, Pilates is one of the tools she uses to reconnect you with your Body, your Heart-Mind and your Energy. (FYI: As part of her 1-on-1 sessions, she can go with you to a gym and/or at your job practice to observe and correct your posture while you are in movement to prevent any damage. Contact her for further detail.)

For several years now, she has helped multiple men and women—of up to 90 years old—get better and push their potential out of the box!

Nancy is a dedicated Pilates instructor and Inner-Beauty stylist that will bring you joy, if not instant relief!

Fresh from Paris, she is now living in Raleigh while her French husband will be joining her soon!

$10 Except if you already purchased a monthly pack